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Imprisoned Twenty Years (Vera Figner, 1904)


Czar Banishes Desperate Woman Nihilist to Archangel

By Associated Press

ST. PETERSBURG, Nov. 8.—Mary Figner, who has been confined to the Schlusselburg fortress for twenty years, has been released and banished to Archangel, northern Russia. The woman was condemned to life imprisonment for participating in Nihilist conspiracies.

She waved her handkerchief as a signal indicating the approach of Alexander II when he was assassinated here in 1881.

As the woman still shows desperate nihilistic sentiments she has now been banished.

“Imprisoned Twenty Years,” Los Angeles Herald 32 no. 39 (November 9, 1904): 11.

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Beautiful Nihilist Slays; Weds; Tracked, Is Caught (Wanda Krahelska-Filipowicz, 1907)


Woman Who Killed Governor Genera of Warsaw Pleads She Has Become Austrian by Marriage

By Associated Press.

VIENNA, Nov. 23.—Wanda Dobroczieka, the woman who threw a bomb at Gen. Skalon of Warsaw and, aided by confederates, disappeared has been brought from Cracow to Vienna, where her trial on the demand of the Russian government for her extradition will take place.

The prisoner is a strikingly pretty woman of the Polish type and is as intelligent as she is pretty.

After her crime she fled to Cracow. There her beauty attracted many admirers, one of whom, an Austrian, she married. The secret police tracked her, and her arrest followed, in spite of a plea that by marriage she had become an Austrian subject.

“Beautiful Nihilist Slays; Weds; Tracked, Is Caught,” Los Angeles Herald 35 no. 53 (November 24, 1907): 2.

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