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Revival of Nihilism (Mme. Frowdeinki, 1893)





The Wife of a General Elopes With a Nihilist, and is Afterward Captured and Killed by Her Husband.


Special to the Record-Union.

New York, Jan. 22.—A Berlin cable says: The forerunner of his imperial Highness, the Czarewitch, arrived some twenty-four hours before the great event materialized, which sets all Berlin talking. The stories going the rounds with reference to the Czarewitch is that the Czar’s desire is to make a dicker with the Kaiser to fight Nihilism and Socialism. In connection with this the following story is related, which points toward a revival of Nihilism.

The St. Petersburg Central Committee of Nihilists, it is said, ordered some three months ago one of their members, a young aristocrat, noted for his manly beauty and refinement of manners, to engage in intrigue with the wife of General Frowdeinki, a shining light of the political house of the Czar, whose duty it is to watch the International League of Nihilists and Socialists. The comrade did honor to the confidence which his friends extended him, and in November he eloped with the General’s wife from St. Petersburg, the woman having first provided herself with 15,000 roubles from her husband’s safe. They traveled through various parts of Europe, stopping finally at Fiume. They no sooner put up at the hotel when a cipher dispatch ordered them to return at once to Kief. This was on January 5th. The nihilist, though thinking it very strange his comrades recalled him so quickly and demanded him to put himself into immediate danger of capture, followed the summons, and with the General’s wife re-entered Russia.

They no sooner crossed the frontier when a number of police officers in citizens’ dress entered the carriages and informed them that they were prisoners of state. Arrived in Kief, they were at once confronted by General Frowdeinki and subjected to a rigid cross-examination. The General’s wife, upon seeing her husband, assumed a determined attitude and boldly said: “I am a nihilist, and will not reveal one single word that I know.” The General tried his best to move her. On receiving only defiant answers, he finally got enraged, drew a sword and plunged it into his wife’s heart, killing her instantly. The nihilist was carried off’ to St. Petersburg, where he is now imprisoned.

“Revival of Nihilism,” Sacramento Daily Union 84 no. 133, (January 23, 1893): 1.

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Beautiful Nihilist Girl (Olga Gontcharenko, 1890)


Implicated in the Plot Against the Czar’s Life, Shoots a Policeman and Then Herself.

St. Petersburg, Jan 11.—In following up the plots of the Nihilists in Warsaw the secret police discovered evidence implicating in the conspiracy against the life of the Czar, Olga Goutsehaunko, a young and beautiful girl, connected with prominent Russian families. Yesterday the chief of police went to her house to arrest her, when the girl, suddenly drawing a revolver, shot him dead. She then turned the pistol upon herself and blew out her own brains.

Manitoba Free Press (Winnipeg, Canada) 16 no. 164 (January 13, 1890): 2.

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The Stuff of which Nihilist Martyrs are Made (Sophie Perovskaya, 1881)

The Stuff of which Nihilist Martyrs are Made.

Sophie Perowski, recently executed for complicity in the murder of the Czar, was, according to the Intransigeant, a woman of the highest endowments and accomplishments, who at the age of 16 devoted herself to the propaganda of socialist doctrines. For twelve years she never shrank from any sacrifice and never showed lack of courage or want of presence of mind. She cast aside honors, wealth, case, and submitted to tile coarsest drudgery. She walked alone the whole course of the Volga, her energy triumphing over old cold, tempests, hunger and malady. She felt that her mission was to rouse the peasant from torpor, and to this end worked as a harvest woman in hay and wheat fluids, sometimes dressed as a man. She lived in miserable lodging-houses, and entered into work-shops seeking for employment. She was forced into violence by persecution. Three years ago, after twenty-four months’ detention, she was condemned to transportation to the extreme north, and her sentence was executed in mid-winter. She contrived to drug the tea of her guards, and escaped. She worked her way back to St. Petersburg in a peasant’s dress, and then to Moscow, where she joined in the railway mine conspiracy. The people with whom she lodged never suspected her of being a lady, she went so bravely through the most toilsome drudgery. She had also lived so much with poor people as to be able to enter into ail their ideas.

“The Stuff of which Nihilist Martyrs are Made,” Los Angeles Herald 15 no. 91 (May 18, 1881): 1.

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Beautiful Nihilist Slays; Weds; Tracked, Is Caught (Wanda Krahelska-Filipowicz, 1907)


Woman Who Killed Governor Genera of Warsaw Pleads She Has Become Austrian by Marriage

By Associated Press.

VIENNA, Nov. 23.—Wanda Dobroczieka, the woman who threw a bomb at Gen. Skalon of Warsaw and, aided by confederates, disappeared has been brought from Cracow to Vienna, where her trial on the demand of the Russian government for her extradition will take place.

The prisoner is a strikingly pretty woman of the Polish type and is as intelligent as she is pretty.

After her crime she fled to Cracow. There her beauty attracted many admirers, one of whom, an Austrian, she married. The secret police tracked her, and her arrest followed, in spite of a plea that by marriage she had become an Austrian subject.

“Beautiful Nihilist Slays; Weds; Tracked, Is Caught,” Los Angeles Herald 35 no. 53 (November 24, 1907): 2.

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A Beautiful Nihilist (Vera Figner, 1892)

A Beautiful Nihilist

Boston Advertiser

Vera Figner is one of the Nihilists lately condemned to death at St. Petersburg. She is described as of rare beauty. She is 27 years of age, and has been active in all nihilistic conspiracies since 1878. It was she who with Sophie Perowskaya succeeded in starting the propaganda in the army, and organized terrorist societies in several regiments, including the 16th Grenadiers. It is believed that the Czar will commute the death sentence.

The Daily Commonwealth (Topeka, Kansas) no. 4860 (November 27, 1884): 3.


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